SUZY NAYLOR—July 3-6, 2023

~I’ve Always Wanted to Paint, But…

Suzy Naylor-Red Apron

Suzy Naylor-Golden Afternoon

Suzy Naylor-Jillie’s Lillies

Suzy Naylor-Egypt

Suzy Naylor-When I’m Home

Suzy Naylor-Everything Changes

Instructor: Suzy Naylor

Title: I’ve Always Wanted to Paint, BUT…

Media: Acrylics

Level: Beginners, no painting experience required

Dates: July 3-6, 2023 (4 days: Monday-Thursday, 9am to 4pm)

Fee: $375

This is a one time only special offering workshop to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Gibsons School of the Arts. The workshop fee has been discounted by 25% and includes all the required materials for the course (a value of $140).


About the workshop

This 4 day workshop is designed for beginners who are intrigued by the idea of painting but don’t know how to begin. In a light-hearted, fun, supportive and safe environment, this course is designed to get you started painting. Prerequisite for this course: a desire to paint and a willingness to commit 4 days to the process of learning how to get going.

In the first 2 days you will:

• Demystify painting, addressing common myths and expectations that stop you from painting.

• Explore how to use basic tools like brushes and paint.

• Explore concepts of shape, value, colour and composition with simple explanations and then apply these principles with exercises.

In the final 2 days you will apply these principles to a painting (subject of your choice). You will have step by step guidance by the instructor as you need it.

By the end of the course you will have completed at least one painting and will have what you need in order to continue painting, if you are so inclined.

Please note that this course is taught using acrylic paints, but what you will learn is applicable to any medium.

Supplies list

All required materials for the course will be supplied at the workshop. Your supplies package will include acrylic paints, brushes, painting paper, palette paper, colour wheel, value scale, and a canvas. The only items you need to bring are a sketchbook and pencils for making sketches and taking notes.

About the instructor

Taught by Suzy Naylor, an experienced artist and teacher living in Roberts Creek. She works in acrylics and is known for her colourful work and varied styles.

On the web

Visit the artist’s website at: suzy

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