July 30-August 2 (4 days, Tue-Fri)     Fee $440

MARLEEN VERMEULEN ~ Feeling Texture and Space

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About the workshop

Medium: oils

Levels: beginner with no experience to intermediate

In this 4-day course I will teach and explore how to see, experience and feel texture in the landscape. Using oil paint, we will do exercises to create texture without being attached to a preconceived final result. Through the use of color mixing, perspectives, and instinctual feeling we will connect to our own interpretations of nature and share it on canvas. The end result will be a piece of art that reflects your connection with our beautiful environment here on the West Coast.


Weather permitting; this course would include a field trip to the beach in order to explore the textures of sand, driftwood, water, sky, mosses and bark in their natural environment.

Supplies list

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About the artist

Marleen Vermeulen received most of her art education in the Netherlands where she was born. She is a graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven and the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht.

In the 80’s and early 90’s Marleen enjoyed an extensive international and award-winning career in graphic design; she was based in The Netherlands and United Kingdom until 1994, at which point she moved with her family to Canada and settled on the Sunshine Coast.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific West Coast she began to focus her talent towards creating large oil paint canvases. The sheer scale of the canvases and the texture of the oil paint interpret the expanse and rawness of nature. Over time she has developed her own signature style; up close her work feels impressionistic, sometimes almost abstract, while from a distance it takes on a realistic perspective.

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