Gibsons School of the Arts


Our school has a reputation that draws students from areas throughout BC and Canada. About half of our students are non-local. These comments are typical of student’s responses to our workshops.


Dominik Modlinski: Application of Colour Contrast in Painting

“Dominik is clearly an expert, exceptionally knowledgeable and an exceptional artist. This workshop was a great experience ”

“Great instructor, great venue”

Greta Guzek: Making Your Mark in Acrylics

“This was the best art class that I have ever taken!”

“Greta was the perfect teacher and seemed to understand everyone's ability”

Peggy Burkowsky: Light and Mood in Watercolour

“Beautiful Demos. The instructor went above and beyond.”

“Peggy was very generous with her time and Knowledge”

Anita McComas: Bold Abstracted Strokes—a New Look at Creativity

“Excellent Instructor; Anita was very supportive of all students, no matter what level.”

“I have learned so much during this workshop. My confidence level has truly increased.”

Leanne M. Christie: Your Paint has More to Say

“This workshop broke my limitations and pushed me towards different horizons.”

“I was very challenged throughout. The instruction was exceptional”

“This is the first course I have taken that made an impact on me.”