July 13-17 (5 days, Mon-Fri)     Fee $550


LORI SOKOLUK ~ Shredded, Transferred and Edited Reality

About the workshop

Media: mixed media

Levels: all levels

Whether you want to 'loosen up' or dive right in to abstraction, this 5-day workshop is for you!  We'll start with a series of exercises on ways of approaching abstraction to get more comfortable thinking outside the box, then we'll have 3 days to work on pieces of your choice with lots of opportunity for direction and discussion.

You'll come away feeling more comfortable and confident re:

  •  how do you start an abstract piece?
  •  multiple ways to feel guided as you develop an abstract piece
  •  how do you know when you're finished?
  •  how to manage the fear or other emotions that arise when working abstractly
  •  the range of abstraction from 'loose realism' to completely non-objective work, and where you want feel comfortable on that continuum
  •  combining representational elements through photo transfer and collage

Workshop schedule

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Supplies list

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About the artist

Seeking the epic story behind everyday life.

Connecting people to an encompassing, energetic view of the world.

Intention and intuition play equally important roles in Lori’s creative process. Work begins with assemblage, removal and playful curious experimentation. Sometimes the energy of a particular place, thought or feeling inspire; sometimes these emerge during the process. Lori imagines and researches ancient stories to enhance her process. Texture, collage, and mixed media layer to build a sense of detail, mystery and personal vocabulary. Intuition guides and discernment hones the finished pieces.

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On the web

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Peggy Burkosky

Lori Sokoluk

Marleen Vermeulen

Kato Rempel

Greta Guzek

Kim LaFave