July 15-19 (5 days, Mon-Fri)     Fee $550


GAIL SIBLEY ~ Bold and Fearless Colour with Pastels

About the workshop

Media: pastels

Levels: basic to advanced

pastel skills

This 5-day workshop will be all about understanding and becoming expressive with your use of colour in soft pastels.

We will start with values because understanding this concept will not only help you create stronger paintings but also give you freedom with colour! We’ll explore pastel application and layering then go on to creating colour studies. From these we’ll develop new ways to represent and express a subject in colour. Through the week we’ll progress from a more literal interpretation of a subject (still life and landscape) to a more intuitive and expressive one. We’ll also see how painting from life will inform and help with painting from photos.

I’ll demo and provide supportive one-on-one feedback. We’ll gather as a group to discuss the day’s paintings. I pass on all I know while at the same time encouraging your own unique creative voice. It’s all easy-going with plenty of room for laughter and fun!

We are artists and our purpose isn’t merely to copy what we see (especially from a photo) but to react and share our expression and understanding of the world.

Supplies list

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About the artist

Gail Sibley has been a popular workshop instructor and professional artist for 25 years. She delights in the experience of painting from life. Her work is characterized by bold colour achieved with a limited palette.

Born and brought up in Jamaica, Gail Sibley moved to Canada to complete a BFA (Fine Arts) followed by a MA in art history. Gail has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has received appreciation for her work in media reviews and awards. She shares her knowledge on her highly-regarded blog at HowToPastel.com and in popular online courses. She is a Signature Member with the Pastel Society of America (PSA) and is a Master Pastellist with Pastel Artists Canada (MPAC). She was a primary contributor to the DK’s Artist’s Drawing Techniques (August 2017).

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