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JAN POYNTER ~ Know Your Materials: Basic Acrylic Colour Mixing & Mediums

About the workshop

Media: acrylics

Level: beginner to intermediate

Dive into the basic rules and exciting potential of working with acrylic paints and mediums.

Knowledge of the materials gives you the confidence to get the work done and push the boundaries of your artistic exploration. Regardless of your style or subject inspiration, take control of your process and express yourself freely — with a deeper understanding of acrylic paint application, color mixing and polymer based mediums.

Expect no masterpieces! Drawing is not a prerequisite. Play, experiment with various materials (various artist quality supplies provided – included in the course fee), learn new techniques and a confident mastery of this medium.

Instead of completing a ‘finished’ painting, students will create a series of application studies and take away a lifetime of new skills, enabling them to approach any subject and step up to a blank canvas with confidence and knowledge.

Topics include:

 • Canvas preparation: archival ground, polymer bond, surface and texture.

 • Paint viscosity: ink, fluid, soft, and heavy body. Value VS Quality.

 • Mediums and molding paste for glazing, blending, textures and layers.

 • Paint properties: light over dark, underpainting and bold color.

 • Opaque VS transparent: pigment characteristics and color mixing.

Course Outline:

EACH day the instructor will begin with a 1 hour demo of acrylic preparation & painting techniques on a large canvas. 9:30-10:30. The daily topic will be highlighted in this demo. Lively discussion, questions and photos are encouraged -1 hour break for lunch. (instructor will be absent at lunch)

Day 1: PRIMING - Gesso, Canvas, Panels & Paper
Students will prepare their 8 small panels to practice various gesso application techniques. (sanded smooth, textured & molding paste for relief “impression” textures)
These primed panels will be used by the students throughout the week to progress and experiment with a variety of paint applications, glazing, texture and dry brush techniques. Underpainting layers of wash and best practice for correct thinning of paints will be learned.

Students will begin by using thin/fluid/thick mediums, mixing various saturated color glazes, testing overlays and transparency of certain colors. Discussion of the limited palette (x6 student supplied) and individual colour characteristics. With this x6 paint colors almost any color can be mixed! Students will be offered simple traceable references or stencils to speed their creative application. [Drawing is not a prerequisite]

Students will have the opportunity to try various applications with different viscosities of acrylic product. Ink, fluid, soft paint (provided) heavy body paint. Bulk supplies will be available for all to use, so participants do not  have to purchase these materials individually. Dry brush, fluid drip, spatter, spraying, and wiping will be used, testing the results on your assortment of pre-textured gesso panels.

Day 4: DOUBLE PRIMARY PALETTE - paint characteristics
In a final day of experimentation students will learn to creatively use transparent and opaque pigments with deliberate and accidental results. The limited palette (of required colors) will be discussed. Exercises working with negative application, stenciling, graphic style rendering and relief treatment. Before the end of the session students will be asked to photograph all their panels and have the option to roll them with new gesso and leave with fresh, textured canvases ready for their own inspired endeavors. Discussion period for questions.

COURSE expectations

Most work will be done flat. Tables will be covered with paper or plastic.

A common MESSY drip area will be created with full floor covering and spatter guard surround, to encourage freedom of application within the classroom space.

To experience and sample a variety of materials – A student supply of bulk quantities of gesso, mediums, molding paste, rags, rollers and trays will be included in the cost of the course. Acrylic ink, fluid paint and crayons will be made available in a limited range of colors — for students to sample.

Students will be expected to bring the basic palette of artist quality x6 colours + white heavy body ACRYLIC paint to facilitate teaching of the pigment and color mixing in the course. Colors are clearly named in the materials list.

Extra brushes, palette knives, palette sheets, references, tracing sheets, containers, rags, spray bottles, etc. will also be available from the instructor.

Supplies list

Download the supplies list for the workshop.

About the instructor

Download Jan’s bio and teaching statement.

On the web

Visit the artist’s website at: Art by Jan Poynter | Artwork Archive

and janpoynter.com


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