August 24-27 (4 days, Mon-Thur)     Fee $440

KIM LaFAVE ~ A Deep Dive into Drawing

About the workshop

Medium: graphite, conte, charcoal, ink

Levels: beginner with no experience to intermediate

This 4-day workshop is designed to be fun and challenging with timed drawing exercises to build confidence as you learn to work with economy while improving your ability to observe and render form as we explore various dry media and ink.

Includes gesture drawing, value studies, as well as longer duration drawings where we will explore the elements of design and composition.

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Supplies list

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About the artist

Kim La Fave studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Capilano College (1973-4) the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary (1975-6) and the Illustrators Workshop in New York (1976) before moving to Toronto to pursue a career as a freelance artist.  As well as book illustration he also had a successful advertising and editorial career, with clients like American Express, IBM, and Bell Mobility. He’s won a number of design awards from the Toronto Art Director’s Club and the Advertising and Design Club of Canada, CA Magazine, Studio Magazine Awards and the Marketing Awards. As well as the Governor General’s Award for Illustration and the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award; for Shin-chi’s Canoe (by Nicola I. Campbell)

As a painter Kim is moved to understand the world through ideas and conversations in drawing and painting, capturing and abstracting key moments in time, landscapes and themes via dynamic, gestural imagery. Constantly evolving his vision and expression, Kim’s artistic process is one of discovery, reflection, deconstruction and re-assembly. By questioning each subject, through investigations in material, texture, line and colour, he distills essential meaning, value and power. The end result is at once grounded and complete, evocative and expansive.

Kim lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and is profoundly inspired by the natural beauty of his surroundings, along with urban and marine settings, and travels to new and familiar places.

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