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July 9-13 (5 days, Mon-Fri)     Fee $550


GRETA GUZEK ~ Making Your Mark

About the workshop

Media: acrylic

Levels: beginners with basic skills to intermediate

In this 5-day workshop, I would like students to explore how they make a painting mark; what kind of brushwork builds a painting. We will start by making loose rhythmic strokes combined with more precise placement of descriptive marks, followed by strokes that define the highlights and darks. Students will also be encouraged to stretch their colour boundaries and work with larger brushes. We will start with exercises and then apply what's learned to creating a painting. I will work individually with students in a no stress environment and discuss the work at the end of the day.

Supplies list

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About the artist

Greta grew up and completed her Fine Arts degree in South Africa. She moved in 1980 to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. where she has since worked from her studio as an illustrator and painter.

“Having lived on the west coast for 30 years I feel an integration with it's character, and this has become the vehicle for my artistic expression. I believe that through the familiar sketches of life I create a bond with the viewers which allows me to converse with them on an aesthetic level. I paint in a way to express my involvement with the subject: I simplify and distort the forms, enhance the expressive value of colour, and create a rhythm that animates the scene. In this way I develop a visual language that conveys my sense of wonder and materializes the spirit of joy I feel.”

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