August 20-23 (4 days, Tue-Fri)     Fee $440

JENNIFER DRYSDALE ~ Massive to Minute — Deconstructing the Landscape

About the workshop

Medium: acrylics or oils

Levels: beginner with basic skills to intermediate (not for absolute beginners)

In this 4-day workshop we will pay attention to smaller details in a big way! Discover how altering the size and scale of your subject matter can unleash new, exciting and unexpected visual interpretations of the landscape and environment that surrounds you.

Using a viewfinder and your visual reference, you will uncover less appreciated intricacies of your subject matter by blowing up areas of your image creating unusual and engaging artistic compositions. Several compositional thumbnails will be developed on the first and second day along with some loose painting exercises. You will experiment with tonal, limited and varied colour palettes to help you decide on the general format and colour possibilities for your larger paintings. These studies will be referenced to create your final paintings during day three and four where you will develop more subtle detail to create visual interest.

Discussion in class will focus on why and how scale matters. Topics will include some basic principles and elements of design, tone value, composition and colour mixing and how they can enhance, alter, exploit and add meaning to the visual content of the artworks. Creative interpretations of your ideas are encouraged so you can enjoy an inspiring, relaxed and encouraging environment. I will work with each of you individually during the day and we will have a group discussion at the end of each day.

Participants need to have some experience working with acrylic or oil paint and some basic understanding of colour theory. This a a beginner to intermediate level workshop (not for absolute beginners).

Supplies list

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About the artist

Jennifer Drysdale was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec in the 1960’s surrounded by artistic opportunity and support. Her greatest artistic influences were her parents who were illustrators and painters also working in the commercial art industry. Some recent artistic influences are contemporary artists Henry Jackson, Jules De Balincourt and Balcomb Greene.  Other artists that have inspired Drysdale’s artistic growth throughout the years have been J. M. W. Turner, Käthe Kollwitz and Betty Goodwin.

Drysdale has taught art classes and workshops for nonprofit organizations in Toronto and most recently at the Arts Building in Gibsons. Other classes include private and semi-private workshops held in her own studio on Stewart Rd. and an upcoming painting workshop for the Gibsons School of Art in 2019. She studied visual arts at Dawson College in Montreal, H.B, Beal Tech. in London, Ontario, the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, and the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario.

Working almost daily in her studio on Stewart Rd. in Gibsons, B.C.,  Jennifer draws significant influence from her local environment and enjoys the abundantly creative community in which she lives.

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