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August 9-12 (4 days, Mon-Thurs)     Fee $550

REX BEANLAND ~ Watercolour Impressions of Coastal Life

About the workshop

Medium: watercolours

Levels: all levels

Meet Rex and see his preview video of workshop here!

The focus of this workshop is to produce work that is loose and impressionistic and tells a story. We want to create paintings that demand attention! Paintings that capture the viewer’s eye and draw them right in.

You will become bold and adventurous in your use of value and colour. You will also gain confidence in your ability to include people, vehicles boats and water in your paintings.

The goals of this workshop are:

   •  to create an effective composition

   •  to create paintings that tell a story through the use of figures, vehicles, buildings and water

   •  to develop mastery of the elements of watercolour painting: value, creative

       brushwork, and luminous washes

   •  to expand understanding of the nature and importance of water in watercolour painting

   •  to encourage expressive use of colour for maximum impact

   •  to share a wide array of watercolour tips and techniques

Mini Lessons

I am a firm believer in the value of practicing little “mini lessons” before actually tackling the full painting. I have devised a number of mini lessons on specific topics such as cars, people, value and creative brushwork.  By doing these ‘practices’ everyone will gain a secure comfort level. This allows people to work more spontaneously when it comes to the demo painting because they will already have practiced everything they will need to do.

Structure Of The Workshop

Each day will have a focus on some specific topic or approach.  In general each day will focus on a new painting.

Supplies list

Download the supplies list for the workshop.

About the artist

Rex Beanland (CSPWC, AFCA, CSA) started painting in watercolour as a young child and he just never outgrew it.  Something in that mysterious interaction between water and pigment continues to fascinate him. In spite of all the challenges that come with painting full time in watercolour he remains loyal to this fabulous and unique medium

As a retired Public School teacher he is a master of breaking a painting lesson down into small, easy steps and teaching each one separately.  This ensures that students progress very quickly. His workshops have an atmosphere that is welcoming, focused and fun.

He has painted full time for the past 25 years.  For the past 10 years he has worked primarily on urban landscapes.  His experience shows that with watercolour it doesn’t matter what you paint, it’s how you paint so he deals extensively with techniques, use of water and how to think about a painting.

He has received many awards for his work and has signature status in the Federation Of Canadian Artists, The Canadian Society Of Painters In Water Colour and the Society Of Canadian Artists.

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